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Camera Flirt is the easiest pickup approach for flirting for bars, clubs, schools, universities. CF provides a quick, streamline, and fun excuse to flirt with everyone you like.
Start your pickup now!


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  • Select a flirt
  • Ask for a photo
  • Have fun



Extreme speed

Extremely fast app. Works with one click. Check out the video to see how simple it is.

Camera feature

The cool part is that the app is based on something you use all the time – your camera. We just found out a way to use it in a totally different way. Isn’t it awesome?

Comes with 3 Flirts

We have created for you 3 different flirts:
1) a phone number flirt
2) a social profile flirt
3) a yes/no flirt

Secure data

All your data and flirt details are kept only on your phone – pictures, phone numbers, facebook profiles, etc.

Customizable flirts

You can customize all the flirts with your own words, on your own language – English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, etc.

Works like a magnet

The concept was tested and developed for more than a year. Results are guaranteed.


It’s simple

If you see an interesting person to flirt with – you need about 3 seconds to open the app and press one of the flirt buttons on the home screen. It’s a no-brainer and it can’t be simpler than that, right?

It’s casual

Having a fun conversation opener in your pocket is a neat casual trick. The good old “Hey, how are you?” is always a nice alternative, but it doesn’t brake the ice as fast as the Camera Flirt App!

It operates entirely offline

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Same goes for your flirts. It’s entirely your business and we don’t collect any data. We respect your privacy.

It’s customizable in your language

The app comes with predefined flirts in English, but the code uses a font family that’s good for all kind of languages. Simply speaking – if you are having fun in Russia – you could use it in Russian, if you are having fun in Brazil – you could change the flirts in Brazilian Portuguese.
You could use Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic letters and even hieroglyphs.
There’s also a Reset button, so you could always go back to default flirts. Feel free to experiment around the world!

It’s applicable to both indoor & outdoor venues

Since it does NOT need any internet or wifi connection – you could use the app on a concert or a party somewhere underground, without network coverage.  Or somewhere in the mountains, in a totally absurd situation. You never know where you are going to meet the love of your life, right?
So be prepared and have a backup plan ;)

It’s a great conversation opener

Did we say Camera Flirt App is a great conversation opener?
They say a conversation opener is a a question or topic that creates a dialogue between two or more people. These ‘starters’ are some of the most elusive and hard to think of, and without them one is left with awkward silence. A lack of starters is common at the beginning of a relationship, when speaking to someone not entirely familiar to the speaker, or when conversing with any female.
Every pickup artist knows that one should invest in conversation starters/ accessories like a stylish watch, an elegant hat, an interesting bracelet or something else that suits the person, but the truth is that Camera Flirt App costs next to nothing. And has a free version, too ;)

It works in places with no cell coverage and in Airplane Mode

This means that you can flirt in all sorts of places – an underground club, in a remote nature area, on an airplane and virtually everywhere!

It's easy to operate

You could operate the app both horizontally and vertically. Which makes it super handy in every situation (especially when holding your drink with your other hand).
Making a picture is easier than ever with the central icon or the alternative hardware button on the side of the phone (both iOS & Android).
These small technical details ensure that a picture will be taken and a conversation will be started. Your move!

It's convenient for loud places like bars & clubs

The app nature of the flirt and the text box allow you to flirt even in extremely loud venues like bars, clubs & parties.

It's unbeatable in terms of real life discrete flirting

It’s extremely discrete because no one around you will understand that you are flirting, asking for her/his phone number, instagram profile or to go together to a more quiet place….
Even the friends around you might not understand that you exchanged a flirt. Test it for yourself. After all – the app is free to download. You have nothing to loose.


  • "Tested CFA last weekend and it turned out to be a fun bachelor party entertainment!"
    Igor Denisov ★★★★★
  • "The best app for the summer. And for every other season :)) Thanks guys!"
    Maverick, USA ★★★★★
  • "My buddies are so happy I showed them this app! Keep up the good work!"
    Juan M. ★★★★★
  • " Great wingman app for sure. Cheers!"
    Tim O, Ibiza ★★★★★
  • "Wow! I was shocked - this works for girls too. Greetings from your new fan!"
    Megan, USA ★★★★★